About Richard

I have been assisting people in a variety of writing projects for over two decades. I started out with an excellent grasp of basic sentence-level issues, and over time I have improved my understanding of how to effectively structure various types of writing. As an editor/writing coach, I strive to address and improve upon the writer’s vision rather than imposing my own ideas or style. At the same time, I am willing to take a larger role, if that’s what someone wants.



“When I first brought my manuscript to Richard, I thought he’d be correcting spelling and grammatical errors and spotting logical inconsistencies (dates, names, times, etc.). All of which he did. But his real gift was to attune to the work’s inner song. He not only let me know when my writing was out of tune or in the wrong key or a riff was misplaced, he heard what was unwritten and helped me write it.”

—Willow Harth, author of My Summer with Elvis: Spiritual Teachings from the King

“Richard is an excellent editor. I trust him to be honest and kind, and to help me say exactly what I want to say.”

—Stuart Stotts, author of We Shall Overcome: a Song that Changed the World and many other books

“I’m exceedingly happy with Richard’s help in turning my manuscript from an idea into a completed book. He’s fast, accurate, and friendly. I’d suggest that anyone who needs an editor take the plunge and work with Richard!”

—Dmitri Bilgere, author of Beyond the Blame Game: Creating Compassion and Ending the Sex War in Your Life and Gateways to God: Remove Your Roadblocks and Live His Love

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