Need help with writing?

Does this predicament sound familiar? You know what you want to say, but not exactly how to say it. Or you’ve said it well, but want to say it even better. What to do?

Writing is not easy, but the craft of writing can be learned. Whether you’re a student, businessperson, amateur, or published author, I can help you become a better writer.

Here’s how I work

The initial consultation is free. We get to know one another a little and agree on our goal. Then you give me a written draft of any length, which I carefully edit for grammar and punctuation, while also offering suggestions about clarity, organization, and content. Finally we sit down and go over my suggestions (in person or by phone). I treat you gently, but practice tough love on the writing itself. Working together, we create the best possible manuscript we can. Contact me.

Affordable Rates

I offer a 20% discount for students and low-income persons.

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